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William Craft

William CraftWhile he won’t always admit it, Bill can legitimately count himself one of the original innovators behind the success of one of Boston’s first community colleges. Inspired in part by a sense of social justice and in part by the challenge of thinking creatively about higher education programming, outreach, and funding, he was one of the first to see the potential and promise of local community colleges in a way that redefined the value of such institutions within a community. It was inevitable that he would eventually transition from more traditional roles as a professor of mathematics, academic dean, and vice president for planning and development to co-found the Eaton Cummings Group.

In his role as a nationally recognized consultant, Bill has provided transformative guidance to many other non-profit pioneers who are equally passionate about exploring and exploiting new ways to empower their teams and support their constituents. His approach helps leadership teams conceptualize and articulate “heroic” organizational visions that inspire philanthropic investment by solving tangible problems.

As an innate connector of both people and ideas, Bill is especially skilled at helping members of local communities think collectively in order to figure out their own solutions. “Life is like a wonderful laboratory,” he says. “You get to observe and learn and make new discoveries.” Bill not only helps organizations navigate this often-unfamiliar process, he assists them to find the words that synthesize their discoveries into exciting new realities.

At home, Bill is a passionate supporter of the arts, elected official in his community, occasional piano player, frequent cook, avid reader, lover of the outdoors, and proud owner of a 52-year- old wooden Lyman boat that seldom runs. He has been described as thoughtful and curious, two attributes that have proven very helpful in his current work collaborating with his business partner, Kathleen Guy, on two books about multiple, nuanced aspects of community colleges and the future of fundraising and alumni relations.

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