A high performing board, committed and aligned with organizational vision and complementing agreed upon strategy, is a valuable asset.  Your board’s asset quality will be enhanced with the help of ECG’s board development strategies.

Board Development

Some of us work with high-performing governance or fundraising boards, while others soldier on coping with "what is" hoping for a better day.  Given the demonstrated potential of boards to help non-profit organizations achieve extraordinary success, we owe it to our organizations and ourselves to systematically build and nurture the highest performing board possible.

Board vacancies offer special opportunities to fine-tune your board or, in the case of multiple vacancies, to significantly realign your board’s composition, competencies and culture. ECG can help you to assess your board’s current performance and ethos, analyze areas for improvement, understand how to change the culture of your board and effectively recruit and work with the talent you need for success.

With ECGs Board Assessment Tool and High Performance Board Workshop, we help you and your board to:

  • Assess your board’s current culture and capacity for high performance,
  • Determine the attitudes, skills and commitment your board needs for enhanced success,
  • Employ the steps necessary to change the culture of your board and
  • Identify, recruit and orient the next generation of board members.

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