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What We Do

You need to inspire people

We know how

Bringing your organization’s vision to life depends on your ability to inspire others. To acquire the necessary resources – financial, intellectual, relational – you need to convince people to step up and become part of your team. You want them to embrace your mission with the same fervor and commitment that you feel.

Igniting and influencing this kind of relationship with key volunteers and donors is what we do.

We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach and we don’t take shortcuts. Our process is based on in-depth, custom-tailored research, analysis, and outreach.

Our “secret” lies in our ability to:

  • Create Clarity: We help you discover and articulate the heroic story that defines and drives your organization – the “why” behind the work you do. Everything else – short- and long-term strategies, tactical planning, and creative execution – builds upon this foundation.
  • Simplify Complexity: Our deep experience with locally driven organizations helps us quickly create order out of chaos. We demystify the process so that you can clearly see how to achieve your organization’s, goals.
  • Build Relationships: Relationships are at the heart of every success. We know how to uncover and connect with your local volunteer leadership and donor constituents. We understand the politics and psychology behind reaching and influencing your highest potential prospects.
  • Empower Independence: Client education is a big part of what we do. Our goal isn’t to run the show. Our goal is to help you build your “muscle” so that you have the skills, capability, and confidence to succeed on your own beyond our engagement.

We provide comprehensive services to meet your needs.

  • Strategic Planning: We help you set your vision for the future, identify opportunities, and select priorities. Our discovery and planning process helps you focus on what’s truly important for the future vitality of your organization.
  • Campaign Feasibility Studies: Before you launch a fundraising campaign, we help you answer the tough questions about giving potential, your case for support, and volunteer capacity.
  • Development Audits: We help to identify your strengths and capitalize on them. We also help pinpoint where additional learning, resources and strategy can be best leveraged to enhance the overall outcomes you’re trying to achieve.
  • Fundraising Counsel, Implementation and Tactical Management: When it’s time to set the wheels in motion we assist with planning, training, and tactical management including keeping the team on track and providing agile, on-the-fly troubleshooting.
  • Volunteer and Executive Coaching: Building a great team is crucial to your fundraising success. We help you select and train your team, giving them the perspective and insight they need to confidently inspire prospective donors.
  • Foundation Board Development: We bring a valuable outside perspective that enhances board performance by helping the team focus on its strengths while tactfully addressing areas for improvement.

Our ultimate service is providing clarity, peace of mind, and confidence.

Building an organization – from strategic planning to board development to fundraising to community nurturing – is not a one-time event. It’s a mindset. We help foster this mindset within your organization so these activities become an integral part of everything you do. We help you focus on a big picture perspective and the practical details you need to inspire others to join you in pursuit of your vision. 

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