We’ll help you focus your vision on the most strategically important elements to ensure your organization’s distinctive ability to deliver results.

Accelerated Strategic Planning

Helping your organization decide where to focus for optimal results.

Most organizations have no difficulty determining what is important. They face difficulty only when they begin to sift through what’s important to decide where to focus energy and resources so they can achieve their vision.

ECG can help you to analyze your list of competing important efforts. We’ll use this information to develop the most impactful strategic moves required to achieve your vision. We specialize in helping you to “think forward” and emerge with a succinct plan that conveys purpose, creates energy, and demands attention.

We are seasoned facilitators and strategists. We combine relevant data and your insight and intuition to predict your organization’s most desirable future.  Then we help you focus on strategies that can make your organization more distinctive, competitive and successful in achieving its mission and vision.

ECG’s Accelerated Planning Process guides you to an institutional narrative – a heroic story that:

  • Recognizes current conditions,
  • Establishes a likely future reality,
  • Outlines priorities for action: what to start doing, what to stop doing,
  • Sets challenging but achievable and measurable milestones and
  • Encourages leaders and investors to commit to creating a more robust, capable, sustainable, and competitive organizational future.

Our Accelerated Planning Process offers several advantages:

  • It takes no more time than is required to determine priorities and focus – from a full day to a few months – predicated on your organization’s needs, preferred style, and culture.
  • It results in a plan that is focused and can be immediately implemented.
  • It provides meaningful monitoring and measuring capabilities.
  • It engages even the most skeptical participants in achieving productive results.
  • It is affordable.

ECG strategy development is based on a "thinking process," followed by a "stock-taking process," followed by a "prioritization process." The outcome is a story of your organization's future that is based on a compelling narrative, will result in a heroic capability and attract attention and support.

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